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Dental Implants: Cost, Benefits, And Risks

Dental health is as important as your physical health. For one, good oral health can help reduce the risk of developing periodontal diseases. Moreover, complications from poor oral health can also lead to the development of health issues like diabetes and heart disease. However, there may be instances wherein damage to your teeth happens, leading […]

Are gold teeth implants a good option?

Using gold teeth is not something new. Traditionally, this metal was used to replace missing teeth, fill cavities, and used as gold crowns, since it is a biocompatible material that the body and tissue wouldn’t reject. At the time, it was not taken into consideration long-term consequences. But, currently, most dentists don’t use or recommend […]

Dental Insurance Coverage: How To Choose The Best Plan

Insurance coverage is an important element when seeking services, especially medical ones. At times, the medical bills get so high that some patients forego seeking medical assistance when they’re ill, endangering their lives. Intending to provide medical services to all despite their social status, governments, and companies formulated insurance coverages. With insurance coverage, you’ll pay […]

Oral care for elderly patients

As we grow old many of our movements can become very stiff and limited. With the age, it is also common to develop different conditions that affect mobility such as arthritis which makes everyday routines like brushing, a little harder. This is why it is not strange that older adults have more oral health problems. […]

How to get a perfect smile

One of the most asked questions by patients in our dental clinic is how to get a perfect smile by taking care of natural teeth. Having a naturally beautiful smile is entirely possible taking into consideration two main aspects, daily oral hygiene and addressing the problems that may be affecting the smile. Keeping good hygiene […]

The best diet for whiter teeth

Hellos guys, hope you are having a very nice weekend. As you should know by now, what you eat can make you have whiter teeth. It is a fact that our diet has a huge impact on our dental hygiene and dental health. That is why today I bring you the best diet for a […]

Why not going to the dentist is a mistake

Visiting the dentist regularly is an important part of taking care of your oral health. Many patients consider that they should only go to the dentist when having a visible or painful problem, but the reality is that one of the most common causes of complications is waiting too long to receive treatment. For example, […]

Top things you must not do to your teeth

Hi guys, today I want to talk about serious things. In today’s topic I will talk about the top things you must not do to your teeth. Many patients that come to the clinic have crazy stories about how their teeth were ruined. I want to share some of their knowledge to teach you guys […]

How to clean tartar from your teeth

Cleaning tartar from the teeth is something that many people overlook. Many patients think that brushing their teeth is enough to get rid of it. this is not that easy because you need so much more to clean dental calculus than regular brushing and flossing. Let’s learn more about t what is tartar exactly and […]

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