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Benefits of water for teeth: how important is it?

Most people drink about six glasses of water daily to keep refreshed and well-hydrated. If you are not doing this, then you may be impacting your oral health. Keeping our body hydrated is important to our health, and it also brings many benefits to our dental health.

Is water important for our dental health?

Let’s keep in mind that our body is made mostly of water, and we can lose tons of it during our day, so we can dehydrate very easily. Without enough water in our bodies, we can struggle to do simple activities. This is more than a valid reason to drink water every day to replenish the hydration levels in our human body.

But water also plays an important role in our oral health, and not drinking water throughout the day can create problems like bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and even infections. In Dental Solutions, we recommend all of our patients stay hydrated and take care of their overall health since this will help to prevent dental issues in the future.

Drinking water to keep your mouth clean

Drinking water keeps your mouth clean and has many oral health benefits. A glass of water after every meal can help to wash down some of the food particles and help you to prevent cavities and gum disease. Remember to use only water for this, as juices and sodas contain sugar that later turns into an acid, which can damage your tooth enamel and favors plaque buildup.

Fluoridated water for dental care

Dentists recommend drinking fluoridated water. This is a good idea to flush bacteria, and fight cavities, and gum diseases. Fluoride has many oral health benefits and it is also very good for your tooth enamel which is a coat that protects it from bacteria. This way you can be sure that your teeth will be strong and healthy. Some countries have fluoridated tap water, or you can buy a brand of bottled water that contains fluoride.

Fighting dry mouth to avoid tooth decay

Having a dry mouth can be very damaging to your oral health as it can affect your tongue, your gums, and even your teeth. The key to all this is saliva. Water is important for our body to produce enough saliva to keep our mouth moist and nice.

Keep in mind that bacteria grow easier in warm and dry environments, so saliva production is nature’s cavity fighter. Even if some people find it gross, saliva helps our teeth to stay away from bacteria, and it can even reduce the amount of plaque. Our own saliva can remove food debris, so our tooth enamel is stronger.

Also, drinking water is essential to prevent irritation, mouth ulcers or sores, or gum diseases. If the saliva supply runs low, the soft tissue inside our mouth is more sensitive and prone to break. These small lesions can be reached by harmful bacteria which later can create an ulcer or infection. However, if we promote saliva production by rising our water intake, we can prevent these situations.

In Dental Solutions, we can help you to restore your smile and have a healthy mouth. You can ask for our fluoride treatments that can strengthen your teeth, and we can guide you through any other dental treatment that you need. We are part of the American Dental Association and we only offer top-notch dental procedures. Contact us now to schedule your appointment!


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