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Did you know? Cool Tooth Fairy facts you did not know!

Losing a tooth can be a confusing and scary event for children, but the mythical tooth fairy can make everything magical. Commemorating lost baby teeth is a very old tradition that has been around in many cultures, and even though the tooth fairy varies, the first loose tooth is still a special moment that all parents want to cherish.

In Dental Solutions we are fond of the tooth fairy, so here are some fun facts about her that probably a lot of people don’t know, and that can change your perspective and understanding of this beautiful tradition.

Tooth fairy fun facts that everybody should know

A loose tooth is a rite of passage in many countries and cultures. Before the tooth fairy existed, in some countries children traditionally toss their first tooth onto the roof of their house. Another Middle Eastern tradition was to throw lower teeth to the sky and pray for good adult teeth. But now that the tooth fairy is here, some things have changed. These are some fun facts about the tooth fairy that you will absolutely love!

The origins of the tooth fairy

The folklore tale of the tooth fairy surprisingly started longer than we imagine. However, it is believed that it began in northern Europe in the Norse countries. Vikings paid for children’s teeth and other kids’ belongings because they thought it brought good luck in battle.

Many years later, the earliest reference about the Tooth Fairy was in the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1908 column Household Hints. This reference alluded to the magic of the fairy and it said to put 5 cents under the pillow just as the common tradition we all know today.

Tooth Fairy across the world

In Latin American countries they have a different tooth fairy. It is a little mouse called Ratoncito Perez, which translates to Little Mouse Perez. It serves the same purpose, he comes at night and takes the children’s tooth under the pillow, and the child receives a small payment. In Italy this mouse it’s called Topolino.

In Venezuela, Colgate took El Raton Perez and made a whole publicity campaign. They show commercials on TV and such to capitalize on children’s products. Spain also was a part of this campaign.

The tooth fairy collects only healthy teeth

Even though all baby teeth are valid, it is known that the tooth fairy prefers healthy teeth. This is a great technique to encourage good dental hygiene from a young age. Kids seem to be more motivated to build healthy habits and see them as a common practice if they know the tooth fairy will give them a prize for their lost tooth, and that they will get more if it is cavity-free teeth.

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What is the average tooth fairy rewards for lost baby teeth?

According to a survey from Visa in 2013, children receive an average of $4 per baby tooth. Of course, the amount varies depending on geographic regions, family income level, the behavior of parents, and even if it is the first or last tooth.

Tooth fairy payouts have a correlation with the stock market

Delta Dental, an insurance group, has been studying tooth fee. They concluded that how much the tooth fairy pays is correlated to the stock market, especially following the S&P 500 index.

There is a Tooth Fairy museum

In Deerfield, IL, there is a Tooth Fairy Museum that collects dolls, toys, books, artwork, and other tooth fairy memorabilia, located in the home of Dr. Rosemary Wells. She became an expert on the subject and calls herself Tooth Fairy Consultant.

Tooth Fairy Day is a national day

National Tooth Fairy Day is celebrated on February 28th. However, it seems there are two tooth fairy days since in different calendars it is on August 22nd.

Nobody knows the Tooth Fairy’s appearance, but many have portrayed her

There is no agreement about the tooth fairy’s appearance, especially since in many countries is not even a fairy. However, many actors and actresses have taken the role of the legend. Some of the most popular movies are The Tooth Fairy; The Santa Clause 2 and 3; and Rise of the Guardians.

She’s younger than other myths

The idea of a fairy that replaces a tooth under a pillow with money is fairly recent, compared with other popular myths. As we mentioned, the tooth fairy appeared in 1908. But, for example, the Easter Bunny is from 1700; and there are references to Santa Claus that data from 280 CE. The friendly fairy that visits boys and girls and leaves a prize is a modern legend.

The Tooth Fairy collects thousands of teeth every night

All over the world, the tooth fairy picks up around 300,000 teeth every single night, and it is believed that all dental pieces help the fairy world. Since each child has 20 baby teeth, it means that the tooth fairy has to visit them around 20 different times in a span of a few years.

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