Learn some cool homemade remedies for toothache to stop it on its tracks

Learn some cool homemade remedies for toothache to stop it on its tracks
August 6th, 2018 | General | Comments Off on Learn some cool homemade remedies for toothache to stop it on its tracks

Happy week everyone! Once in a while we all experience some toothache, that sudden pain in the tooth, it sucks! That is why today I have some cool tricks up my sleeves to mitigate that tooth pain in the house. They can be a perfect solution while you make that appointment at the dentist to treat it.


In case you did not know, toothaches can be the result of a disease or infection that dangerously can lead to tooth loss. Toothache can also cause some degree of sensitivity so it is important to treat it before it is too late. I cannot stress enough how important is to treat dental conditions before they get worse in the long run.


Other affections related close to having a toothache are gum disease like gingivitis and t

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ooth cracks. Sinus infection is also a concern to take in mind because it can end in serious pain. So in case you are suffering from one of these I strongly suggest you to vist us at Dental Solutions at Los Algodones to get your fix as soon as possible.


Using some sips of salt and water

If you mix a couple of teaspoons of salt in a glass of water you will get a nice cocktail that will make you vanish toothache for some time. Using warn water will work even more effectively. The overall objective is to use this awesome combo to disinfect the area and clean it, absorbing the excess fluid and relieving some of the pain in the process.


Avoid using hot or cold water because it can cause a shock to your teeth and the remedy could be worse than the disease. Be aware of that!

Ice Ice baby, in your teeth

Using ice to numb the area is a smart idea to get rid of toothache. Just be really careful with it and use a towel or a piece of cloth to wrap the ice. Never apply ice directly to the tooth or you will definitely have a bad time.


Oil of cloves for your teeth


You can use oil of cloves found in most health food stores. Besides used for cooking, it is such a cool way to relieve toothache too. Just apply some drops in a piece of cotton or a q tip and place it in the tooth in question.  Using olive oil to dilute it before use is such a good idea to avoid the strong taste of this toothache remedie 1 | Los Algodones Dentists unguent.


Other cool tips to apply


This may sound a little crazy, but exercising your body can help a lot to get rid of any pain, even toothache. Jogging, some light lifting can help patients to distract themselves from the pain. This is all thanks to endorphins and these hormones which functions as natural pain killers that are released when exercising.


One golden advice is to meditate to guide your mind to travel into a state of relaxation enough to eliminate the sensation of toothache. This can be achieved by concentrating on pleasant thoughts and breathing very slowly, deeply, calmly. To help the cause you can listen to some music too.

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