How to deal with a toothache: some home remedies

How to deal with a toothache: some home remedies
March 8th, 2016 | General | Comments Off on How to deal with a toothache: some home remedies

Toothache is a serious, and extremely painful, condition; as soon as you start experiencing discomfort you need to set up and appointment with your dentist immediately. Not getting that pain checked could have disastrous consequences for your health such as: abscesses, swelling, and even tooth loss.

Obviously, sometimes you can’t just hop on your car and drive over to the dentist’s office right away (for example, when you start feeling the pain in the middle of the night). So, what do you do in the meantime? Let me share a few tips and tricks to keep your discomfort to a minimum.

  • Take painkillers and distract yourself

The obvious solution is to take a pain reliever; any over the counter drug such as ibuprofen will do the trick. Also, there is extensive psychological evidence that the more you focus on a pain the stronger it gets, keep your mind occupied with other activities, watch a movie, play a game, anything that demands your attention will help you with the discomfort.

  • Avoid hard and chewy foods

Any food that forces you to chew or to exert pressure on the afflicted area is a sure way to make your life miserable. If you can crush it with a fork it’s probably soft enough to eat without causing you any severe pain. A baked potato is perfect, since it’s so soft you’ll barely have to chew at all, soup is also a great choice just like yogurt, spaghetti, and cottage cheese.

Ice cream deserves a special mention on this list, not only is it tasty and creamy, but in most cases it can provide relief, you get extra points if you eat sugar-free ice cream. Be very careful with crunchy food or any kind of food that gets stuck between your teeth, a small piece of food stuck near the afflicted teeth is the last thing you need.


  • Use house remedies for toothache

There are dozens of house remedies that help with toothaches, and a lot of the actually are quite effective. The simplest one is to was constantly with warm salted water. Mix about half a spoon of salt in glass of water; it should do trick, it will be reduce the swelling (if any) and help against the infection.

Rubbing clover oil also helps quite a bit since it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties. As an alternative, you can also chew a piece of onion (which has much of the same properties). In order to  lesser the pain, you can rub the area with garlic powder mixed with salt. None of these are permanent solutions. You may relieve the pain for a little bit, but the only way to get rid of is to attack the cause, and for that, you need a dental specialist.

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