Why you need a tongue scraper in your oral care

Why you need a tongue scraper in your oral care
January 6th, 2020 | General | Comments Off on Why you need a tongue scraper in your oral care

There are many tools necessary for an effective oral care routine. You have your old trusty toothbrush, your dental floss and your mouthwash. Many patients would agree that there is nothing more that you need for a white smile. But have you ever wondered if you need a tongue scraper for your dental hygiene?

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Many people surely never have used a tongue scraper in their lives. Most even do not know they exist or how they are used. Many toothbrushes today have a tongue scrapper in the back and patients do not used or even notice it is there. Maybe it is because they are used to use the bristles of their toothbrush to clean their tongue from food debris.


How to use a tongue scraper


You use the tongue scraper to scrap the food debris and dead skin in your tongue and inner cheeks. This will help you to avoid bad breath and rare tongue diseases. You can get a tongue scraper cheap in any pharmacy in Los Algodones. What we suggest is to get one that feels comfortable to use and has the ADA seal of approval.

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If your toothbrush has one built in in the back you have to make sure its design is doing the job. Many tongue scraper on the back of toothbrushes are really thin and do not scrap very well. If you have an electric toothbrush then it is recommended to get a scraper to use after brushing.


The correct way to scrap your tongue and cheeks is to use slow and steady moves. Avoid doing it fast and aggressive because you can end up cutting yourself. Patience is key and you do not need to scrap for more than a minute to get rid of the particles in your mouth.


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