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Beware of food and drinks that can stain your teeth

Eating is one of the top pleasures in life and experiencing a good meal can be the highlight of our day. We strive to always taste the best foods and drinks out there and make the most of it. As you can see, eating is part of our culture but we have to remember that eating is also part of our health.


I say this because sometimes we don’t pay attention to our diet and just eat and eat and keep eating. This can cause trouble to our health for sure if we don’t keep track of what we are eating on a daily basis. I’m not saying that you should go on a special dite like vegetarian or vegan, I’m just pointing out that we should be aware of certain food that we consume.

When we eat we use all our mouth and this includes our teeth, obviously. But some people don’t know that what we eat can affect them directly. There are certain foods and drink that can stain our teeth pretty badly if we don’t watch out in time and reduce their consumption.


Let´s not waste more time and jump right into the food that can stain our teeth and ruin our perfectly white smile.


Food that can stain your teeth


Like I was saying before, there are certain kinds of food that can stain our teeth and make them look awful. Some of them can be really harmful and discolor the teeth. The damage can be a lot worse than we think because it can get rid of the enamel of the tooth, which is a coat that protects them from bacteria and diseases, leaving the tooth vulnerable to many afflictions such as cavities.


That is why we should be very careful with acidic food. Some of the most acidic food are tomatoes and lemon, this include sauces like ketchup so be a little more cautious when using this condiment. Eating a lot of red meat can also elevate the acidic levels of blood and saliva, so try to not eat a lot of it.


Another thing you should definitely avoid is sweets and candies that use artificial colorants. Those colorants use a bunch of chemicals that are really bad for our teeth, they can stain them in no time. Besides this, you have to take in mind that sugar is really bad for your teeth too! As I said above, it’s a matter of moderation, that’s the key.


On the other hand there are certain food that are actually really good for our teeth. Like apples and pears, they help to produce saliva and clean your teeth naturally. Veggies are a really great choice, of course, especially if you include lettuce, carrots and cabbage in your diet.

What drinks can ruin your smile


Drinks are no exception to this. Like I mentioned before, artificial colorants are really harmful for your teeth. And this is a product that is present in many, many drinks like sodas and juices so be really careful when selecting a beverage the next time.

Besides those drinks you should reduce the ingest of coffee and wine. As delicious as these drinks may be (I love them too) they can stain your teeth really bad if we abuse them So the safest thing is to drink a cup of coffee a day and tune down those glasses of wine. Plus, you should brush your teeth twice a day to ensure that your smile will be forever bright and pretty.


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