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Why do I have yellow teeth?

This must be one of the most common questions I get in Los Algodones. And yet, the answer is not that simple. It is easy, but the reason why you may have yellow teeth can vary. That is why today we are going to list some of the most common reason people ruin their smile. But that is not all, we are going to help you avoid it and solve too.

Basically you have 100% control when it comes to getting whiter teeth.  Unless you got some genetic predisposition , you can get the perfect smile you always wanted. And even so, you can solve it with the help of a good dentist. We will address to this later. Keep reading to know the secrets to perfect white teeth!

Proper oral care

First of all you have to look at your oral care routine. If you are not brushing your teeth at least twice a day then you are doing it wrong my friend. That is the top priority when it comes to avoiding yellow teeth. Make sure you choose the right toothbrush, with soft bristles. It is not necessary to scrub hard, use gentle strokes or you risk harming your tooth enamel.

Apart from this, you should always use mouthwash to rinse away the food debris. Do not forget to use dental floss too. It is pretty important to clean your teeth after every meal. You will avoid having yellow teeth and improve its color if it is a little discolored. Doing this suggestion everyday will not only get rid of yellow teeth but bad breath too!

Watch what you eat

Yellow teeth can be a consequence from eating bad. A healthy diet is necessary if you want whiter teeth. Eat wrong and your teeth will be yellow in no time. A nice healthy food that helps cleaning your teeth are fruits. Specially apples and pears, they have natural sugar which is good for your body and won’t rot your teeth. Carrots are a really good also, Fruits and veggies are definitively the way to go.

But I know that is hard to just quit junk food and sweets. Just try to apply the tips I mentioned before and you will be fine. Keep in mind that most of todays processed foods contains tons of chemicals and artificial colorants that really gets in the teeth. The less you consume them the better for you and your beautiful teeth.

Other habits to avoid

Avoid drinking too much coffee, sodas, wine and alcohol. Those are the worst drinks for your teeth. They can stain them so bad that it will be very difficult to remove it. The key word here is moderation. Try to not abuse of them often and you will be just fine. The same thing goes to tobacco. If you are a smoker, then you are in big troubles. Cigarettes are your teeth’s worst enemy.

Remember to seek your dentist to schedule cleaning twice a year. This will keep everything in neat condition. Your dentist is the most capable individual to clean your teeth. They have the knowledge and the tools to clean your teeth really good and leave them sparkly clean. I know you know that but you will be impressed to know how many people forget about this.


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