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Discolored teeth and tooth coloration

As any person who has suffered from discolored teeth can tell you,  being self conscious about your smile is a consistent source of stress,  anxiety and even depression. When you go the dentist to whiten and polish your teeth, you aren’t being vain,  or superficial,  you are taking care of both your dental and psychological health discolored teeth are more than just aesthetics

Many patients come to dental solutions frustrated because even when they brush twice a day,  they still end up with discolored or stained teeth.  While in fact oral hygiene is related with teeth coloration,  truth of the matter is that there are dozens of reasons why you could end up with discoloration or stains.

For example,  some people report having a grayish blue color since they were very young. This is a typical side of effect of having consumed a certain group of antibiotics known as tetracycline while teeth were forming.  In cases such as this,  when the teeth natural color isn’t pearl white,  the dentist can use veneers, adding a white layer on top of the teeth,  covering their original color with a simple and painless process.

On the other hand,  black and brown coloration are some of the most common,  they are derived from smoking and drinking dark beverages; depending on the stain the dentist will recommend one of two solutions,  the least invasive one involves spraying high pressured water with baking soda to bleach the area,  but if the stain proves impervious to this methods it will be necessary tull use a dental purnace to remove the stain,  and a prophylaxis paste after the fact to smoothen the teeth surface.

Another common form of coloration is a green and orange tint,  this is usually the byproduct of tartar formation,  and it’s usually the result of poor brushing habits.  Fortunately,  a little scaling is all you need to remove the tartar and whiten the afflicted area.

Blackish colors are a little more worrisome as they could be the indicator of necrosis,  if you notice grayish blackish teeth,  specially with discomfort or pain,  you need to get to the doctor right away.  After dealing with the source of discoloration (such as with a root canal)  the discoloration can be treated,  but the method will depend on the source of the affliction and the damage. If it was a little bit of tooth decay,  a little filling should be enough,  in extreme cases such as an extended necrosis it might be necessary to use more filling or to even replace the tooth with a crown




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