Fight the plaque! How to prevent it from building up

Fight the plaque! How to prevent it from building up
April 2nd, 2017 | General | Comments Off on Fight the plaque! How to prevent it from building up

Oh yeah boys! Today I got an article about an important matter regarding dental hygiene. Many patients ask in the dentist office how to combat plaque, how to prevent it. Well today I’m gonna teach you guys some helpful tips to get rid of this nasty thing.


First of all we have to know what plaque is to understand a little better how this work. Besides, a little knowledge is not a bad thing at all. We can start saying that plaque is a disgusting film of bacteria that forms in the surface of the teeth over time. This means that if you don’t brush your teeth often you will accumulate plaque in no time.

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You will know that plaque is forming in your teeth because they feel slime when you touch them with your tongue. Honestly, plaque can be really bad for your oral health, so you shouldn’t ignore your dental hygiene no matter what.


Why you have to fight plaque


As I was stating above, plaque is really harmful for your teeth. If you let it build up it can bring disastrous consequences. The least of your problems are cavities, gingivitis or just gum recession, the bacteria from the plaque will wear down all the tissues in your mouth, like some kind of acid.


In the worst case scenario you will develop other diseases like black tongue and ultimately tooth loss. That’s right, you can lose your teeth because of plaque, because all the dental diseases start with plaque building up and patients being really careless with their dental hygiene.


So if you don’t want to face that many problems in your life ahead then it is not so late to start having better oral hygiene and discipline to stop plaque to ruin your smile and life.


The basics


Let’s start with the simplest thing in the world of oral hygiene routine: brushing. Brushing is the fundamental of having healthy teeth. With a consistent brushing you will gain a beautiful white smile like the ones we see on actors and models in TV and magazines.


The rule of thumb for brushing your teeth successfully is to do it at least twice a day. Keep in mind that having a good brushing technique will guarantee that you get rid of plaque. One of the most used techniques is to use circular motions to brush your teeth, but you can do it horizontally and vertically if you want to.


Pro tip, vibrate your hand so your toothbrush clean far better than using the regular motions. Not many people apply this and it is recommended by most dentists to ensure an extra clean teeth.

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But, what about between the teeth? Well, you can solve this situation pretty easily with the help of dental floss. Flossing is just as important to your teeth as brushing, so don’t ignore it! The usual time to floss is two times a day too, you can floss after brushing your teeth, especially after meals to get rid of food remnants as soon as possible.


And in today’s market you can find all kind of cool stuff to clean between your teeth, like toothpicks for example. You can find excellent prices and deals for these products in most Los Alagodones pharmacies. Oh! And don’t forget mouth wash, rinsing after brushing is pretty important too!


Last but not least to fight plaque you need the help of a professional dentist. Fortunately for you here in Dental Solution Los Algodones we have the best prices in town in cleaning and any dental treatment so you don’t have any excuse to not have a perfect smile!


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