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How to fix crooked teeth

Teeth misalignment is a very common oral problem that affects many people and that could be only about the appearance of the smile in mild cases or, in severe cases, could cause major health issues.

Luckily there are different cosmetic dental treatments to fix crooked teeth, which provide excellent results even in the worst cases so the patients can smile with confidence. In Dental Solutions Los Algodones we offer you the best cosmetic dentistry treatments

What causes crooked and misaligned teeth?

There are many reasons why people have crowded teeth, in most cases, it is due to the genetic factor. The misalignment often starts to show during early puberty when kids have most of their permanent teeth out and can be presented in different ways like teeth that are too big or too small, misaligned jaw, and improper occlusion.

Other than genetics, these are some reasons that could cause crowded or crooked teeth:

Early loss of baby teeth

Permanent teeth start to grow out right after the baby teeth have fallen so the new tooth comes out in its respective position. When a child loses one or more teeth too soon, by the time the permanent tooth comes out it will have too much space in the gum so it could grow in a crooked position.

The jaw alignment and size

When the jaw is misaligned it causes crooked teeth, teeth protruding, and occlusion problems like overbite, underbite, and crossbite. The size of the jaw also plays a role in the alignment of the teeth since they could be crooked or gapped depending on the amount of space available.

In most cases, orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces can correct crooked teeth. If the problem is too severe, the dentist or orthodontist could recommend orthognathic surgery.

Wisdom teeth eruption

Wisdom teeth are bigger than a regular molar and need enough space in the jaw to come out, so when they start to emerge the rest of the teeth move into crooked positions to make room, which can cause misalignment.

In some cases, wisdom teeth can make pressure on the bone and jaw muscles even before erupting, causing pain, chewing problems, excessive wear, and more. Having surgery to remove wisdom teeth before they emerge is recommended to avoid this problem.

Are crowded teeth bad for your health?

Mildly crooked teeth don’t represent any health problem but they could affect the appearance of the smile and the patient could feel self-conscious; fixing the crooked teeth can improve the patient’s self-esteem. Many cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers can fix crooked teeth without braces.

Severe misalignment can cause some problems to oral health like chewing issues, damage to the teeth’s enamel, gum disease, and tooth decay since it is more complicated to have a good cleaning routine when having crowded teeth.

When the misalignment is too severe it can cause a lot of pain, chronic headaches, jaw strain, temporomandibular joint disorder, and more. Corrective jaw surgery to restore the correct alignment of the teeth could be part of the treatment in these cases, and the patient must wear braces for some time before and after the procedure to achieve perfect results.

How to fix crooked teeth

The first step in your journey to fix your crooked teeth is to get the first examination by a dentist who is going to make a diagnosis and recommend the best cosmetic dentistry treatments for each particular case.

Orthodontics is often the best way to straighten teeth and there are different types of braces that patients can wear to take their teeth to the correct position and restore the beauty of the smile.

There are also other cosmetic dental treatments that your dentist could suggest to straighten your teeth in less severe cases and improve the appearance of the smile without having to wear brackets. Procedures like dental veneers can fix one crooked tooth, especially the front teeth without using braces.

It is very important to know that teeth straightening can only be achieved by a dental treatment such as metal braces or veneers on the hands of an orthodontist or a dentist. There is no way to fix your teeth at home; trying any unapproved method can hurt your mouth and even increase the problem.

The best ways to straighten crooked teeth

Traditional braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common way to straighten teeth and can be used in almost every case to correct the alignment of the smile and bite problems. Teeth straightening is achieved by placing metal brackets and wires on the teeth; the wires will apply pressure on dental pieces to take them to their correct position.

Metal braces are mostly recommended for children since they are very strong so kids can chew and eat their favorite food without losing a bracket.

There are also ceramic braces that work basically the same as metal ones but they offer a better aesthetic look since the ceramic brackets are transparent. Patients with this type of clear braces should pay good attention to oral hygiene to prevent them to turn yellowish.

Invisible braces

For patients that care a lot about the aesthetic during the treatment, there are good invisible braces options like lingual braces and clear aligners, also called Invisalign. The first ones are placed on the back surface of the teeth so they are completely invisible. They need special care so they are only recommended for adults.

Clear aligners or Invisalign are one of the more modern options to improve the look of the smile. They are custom-made removable transparent retainers, almost invisible. The patients should clean the aligners often to avoid bacteria that could cause damage to the gums.

As they fit perfectly into the teeth, they are very comfortable and cause less discomfort than regular braces. Ask your specialist about Invisalign treatment.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are a good alternative to braces to treat mildly crooked teeth; it takes almost no time and would cost less than an orthodontics treatment. The veneers are commonly placed on the upper front teeth but can also be used on almost any other teeth to correct the misalignment.

Veneers are also a great way to fix cracked teeth to enhance and improve the appearance of the smile. The best part is that they look exactly like natural teeth.

If you want more information about treatments to enhance the look of your smile, our team of specialists in Dental Solutions Los Algodones will be pleased to help you.

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