Preventing cavities: Tooth decay and how to reverse it

Preventing cavities: Tooth decay and how to reverse it
March 11th, 2016 | General | 4 Comments

Cavities can be a minor issue at first, but if left unchecked they can be quite painful and even end up in tooth loss; a cavity is the result of a tooth decay process that wasn’t taken care of in time. Fortunately, tooth decay can be prevented and even reversed if you make the right changes to your diet and your health habits.

What produces tooth decay and cavities?

Our mouth is home to thousands of bacteria, some of them are quite harmless, but others can be extremely harmful to your denture. When you eat sugar, bacteria devour it and turn it into acids, which slowly eat away your teeth. At the same time, saliva and fluoride act as counteragents, forming a protective cover that prevents tooth erosion.

When you eat too much sugar, the excessive amount of acid overcomes you natural protection and tooth decay happens. At this point you might notice white spots on your teeth, those are signs or early decay; if that happens, don’t worry, you can still reverse it by reinforcing your enamel with some of these tips.

Don’t miss your regular checkups

This one is pretty obvious; a dental checkup involves in-depth cleansing, as well as a thorough examination which might reveal some hidden signs of tooth decay. Additionally, the dentist might apply some fluoride gel or varnish (as necessary), and it might even help you by coaching you on dental hygiene.

Brush and floss

This one is pretty obvious as well; you should try to brush with fluoride enriched toothpaste at least twice a day. Ideally you should try to brush after every meal; especially if you eat a lot of sugar and starch on your daily diet.

Use artificial sweeteners

Whenever possible switch sugar, syprup and other sources of glucose with artificial sweeteners, and if you are willing to change your diet a little, you can get the same wonderful taste with a juicy fruit.

Additionally, keep some xylitol gum around, longitudinal studies have shown that people who eat a xylitol gum after a meal tend to show lesser tooth decay than folk with the same habits.

Get fluoride

Finally, if saliva is the mouth’s hero, fluoride is the amazing sidekick. Getting some fluoride exponentially lowers the odds of experiencing tooth decay, aside from the previous, you can also get it by drinking fluoridated water, taking some fluoride tablets (usually recommended by the dentist) our using a fluoride mouth rinse.

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