Sign of having gingivitis

Sign of having gingivitis
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Hello my friends, I am glad for having you again. Gingivitis is one of those dental diseases that is very dangerous to leave it unattended. To avoid complications it is very important to detect in time. Not doing so can mean that you can end up with tooth loss due to periodontitis. Do not forget to keep an eye on your gums too and include them in your dental hygiene.

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The correct way to clean your gums is using your toothbrush. Remember to use slow and gentle motion so you can scrub effectively. Do not brush quick because it is abrasive to the soft tissue of the gums. Using dental floss is also mandatory because you have to clean the food debris that get stuck between your teeth, close it out with mouthwash and you will be golden.

Symptoms of gingivitis

The symptoms are really to spot if you are aware of the little signs. The most common ones are bleeding when brushing your teeth and a strong red coloration in your gums. If you are bleeding when brushing normally then there is a strong chance that you may have gingivitis. If you see your gums looks bright red you should go to a dentist as soon as possible.

Other symotms may include bad breath or foul breath even after brushing,. If you experience this it means the disease is evolving into periodontitis.

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Treating gum disease

To treat gingivitis is important to visit a dentist. There you can get deep cleaning and scaling that will help you heal your gums. Even if it is too late you can get dental implants or dentures for a new smile.

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