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The best oral care routine you can do at home

Hi guys, welcome once again. Hope you are having a great weekend. We always talk about dental treatments and tips on how to have whiter teeth. Todays is going to be a little different because we are going to teach you the best oral care routine you can do at home! Now you won’t have any excuses to achieve perfect teeth.

Before we start I want to suggest that even if you take care of your teeth you need a dentist for checkups at least. For that matter we recommend clicking on our contact page so you can book an appointment with us. We are Dental Solutions located in Los Algodones Mexico and offer you the best prices in dental for you and your family. You can save more than 50% in dental treatment if you choose us to take care of your smile!


Best oral care routine at home


Let’s begin with dental hygiene. To make this article short, you want to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. You can do it after every meal but you have to brush three times. After brushing you have to follow up with dental floss to clean between your teeth and mouthwash to kill all the bacteria present. 3 times a day is all that you need to begin an oral care routine that will take good care of your teeth.

Other good habit for your teeth is to chew sugarless gum. I usually chew once or twice per day so my jaw is constantly active. This is good for stimulating saliva production which is beneficial for your dental health. It can clean and prevent diseases and bad breath. Another alternative is to use mint candies to take care of your breath, just be aware of consuming too much sugar.



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