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The ultimate dental hygiene routine

The ultimate dental hygiene routine
June 25th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Hello guys, hope you are staying safe at home. Today I want to share an update in my ultimate dental hygiene routine. I am always finding the best way to clean my teeth. Having an easy and quick oral care routine makes things easier to do every day. Constancy is the key. I like to smile so I want my teeth to look perfect. I assume most of you are just like me so let´s learn together!

First of all you need to have every tool at home. Beginning with your loyal toothbrush, followed by dental floss and mouth wash. Besides you want a good toothpaste and a tongue scrapper. A tongue scrapper? Yes you read right, this will be our secret weapon. It is easy to use and makes a huge difference.

How to start your dental hygiene routine

The correct order is to begin with brushing your teeth. Moist your toothbrush in water before applying toothpaste. You want to use a tiny bit and not too much toothpaste. Then you brush normally using soft and gentle strokes. After that use dental floss and then mouthwash. Cleaning every area will ensure no food debris remains. Use the tongue scrapper at the end to leave everything extra clean and neat.

How to improve

To improve your dental hygiene routine just improve your techniques and tools. You can use an electric toothbrush and antiseptic mouth wash for better results. The improvements are in the little changes and optimizations. As we said in the beginning, constancy is what makes practice perfect.

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